Body Love Project

This SUNDAY!! Lets Do this TOGETHER!!

We've been trained by the media and all sorts of other sources to have an idea of what 'beautiful, fit, sexy, happy, courageous, healthy' (and on and on!) is "supposed" to look like...

Yoga has inspired so many people to know the truth of what all that and more really looks like inside and out!! I want to show Rapid City and the world what BEAUTIFUL really is. Capturing your practice through a lens is just a small step to encourage others to show their true self...Expression!!

I, for one, have always wanted to cover up my stomach because to me it wasn't what I thought beauty or sexy was, but through my yoga practice I have discovered that it is beautiful and strong and supports me every single day, so I AM going to show the world my Perfect Imperfect Stomach!!

Hope to see you at the Loft~

The Light and Love within me honors The Light and Love within YOU.   ~Alicia

For more information, see our event page on Facebook: Body Love Project