We are so happy you’re here!

If you're new to Sōl Yoga Collective or to yoga in general, we get how intimidating it can be to visit.  In fact, that's the entire reason we created our community - to bring yoga to the people - to all people, including you! Whether you’re new to yoga, or just new to our Collective, here's the short list of what you need to know to get started:


10-15 minutes before class time. Get a tour, meet the instructor, chat with new friends, settle in.


Come as you are in your favorite workout clothes. Yoga pants, shorts, tank, or a tee. All classes are done barefoot.


Bring your yoga mat, a water bottle and a hand towel. Don’t have a mat? No problem. Borrow one of ours.


At Sōl, we celebrate our unique differences, while realizing just how alike we really are. We want you, just as you are.

Drop your guard, be yourself and jump in with both feet.

Keep it light, have fun, laugh often.

Your personal transformation is waiting for you.


You’re feeling the itch to improve your life, your experiences, your relationship to self and others. Yoga can be the path forward for you. When left to figure these things out ourselves, we seldom do well. Engage with community, with like minded individuals who are looking for the same lifestyle upgrades that you are! This is how we go far, friends. Together. Grab our New Student Intro pass and dig in to this practice! *Introductory Pass good for new students only, please. Pass activates at time of first class.