Women's New Moon Yoga :: An 11 Month Series

Delve deeper into the Sacred Feminine. The New Moon is a time for letting go of that which no longer serves us, for opening ourselves to our truest desires and passions, for becoming an empty vessel ready to receive the gifts of the Universe.

This 11 month series will combine yoga for each stage of our lives with a deeper connection to our authentic selves. Each New Moon will bring us gifts of release and understanding.

Please sign up in advance for each session as we will not just be doing yoga, but also exploring our creativity and sharing our journeys. You are invited to bring a journal for moments of introspection as well as a treat to share that will nourish the soul.

A donation of $15 per session is suggested; or be a supporting class member for $100 for the 11 month series.

Class Schedule and Intentions: 

  • 2/8 Opening
  • 3/8 Dreaming
  • 4/7 Planting
  • 5/6 Nurturing
  • 6/4 Speaking
  • 7/4 Lighting
  • 8/2 Hydrating
  • 9/1 Grounding
  • 9/30 Centering
  • 10/30 Darking
  • 11/29 Shedding
  • 12/28 Journeying

Register HERE.

Contact Ashley for more information. (217) 369-3460 or athenasbyashleykeifer@gmail.com