Heated Hands-Off Flow

This class is designed to allow personal space for all students. The instructor will use verbal cues without hands-on assists. Choices will be given throughout the practice to allow for personal balance and resilience. Open to any level of yoga practitioner. The room is heated to around 90 degrees under our therapeutic FAR infrared heaters. The benefits of practicing in a heated room (especially with this type of heat) include: pain relief, detoxification, improved immune system, stress reduction and better sleep.

Heated Flow

Develop true power through flexibility and strength. Designed to enhance vitality on every level, this practice incorporates an invigorating hatha based vinyasa flow in a warm environment. You will develop core strength, upper body strength, flexibility in the shoulders, legs and spine plus improved concentration. Challenging, therapeutic and fun. A 75-90 minute class, accessible to all levels of practitioners. If the class is noted as "heated" on the schedule, expect 80-90 degrees. *bring a towel

Introduction to Heated Yoga

This is the perfect class for anybody who’s been thinking of coming to check out a heated yoga class but feeling “not quite ready”. We will heat the room at a lower temp than our other heated yoga classes, being sure there is plenty of air flow so that you can warm up to the idea of a heated class! The yoga postures will be at a level and pace that will leave you feeling challenged, yet successful! Please bring a towel and water bottle to class with you.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is like the total opposite of the fast paced, harried life most of us feel pressured to live. It’s a chance to rest, focus on the inner channels and perhaps get to the very root of ourselves through conscious relaxation. Add in all the health benefits like deeper sleep, improved immune function, and better memory then top it off with the fact that 1 hour of yoga nidra is equal to 4 hours of deep sleep and (wo)man, you have got to come to this class!

Silent Meditation

Basic meditation instruction will be provided for those new to meditation, followed by a 30 minute sit and a short discussion. We have props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) for you to use to create your perfect seat, or feel free to bring your own. 

Friday Freestyle

Spend your Friday happy hour unwinding with us! We call this class “freestyle” so the teacher has freedom to throw in some variety and change things up all with the aim of moving us into the weekend. All levels welcome, this is not a heated class. End your week right!

Morning Sol Flow

What better way to start your day than with a morning flow that focuses on you! This is a breath based, modifiable sequence that begins with sun salutations and flows through a standard set of poses. This practice will get you centered and energized, ready to step into your day fully present and focused! Imagine feeling like you have conquered the day by 8am and say goodbye to that mid-afternoon energy crash. Join us for our morning Sōl (sun) Flows and feel the difference a regular morning practice can make! 

All Levels Flow

This class is designed to be open and accessible to any level of yoga practitioner. If you are new to the mat, you will receive tips and pointers from the instructor as you learn and grow in your practice. If you are a more experienced student, you will be encouraged to advance your practice pose to pose. The perfect end to your Thursday!

Move to Live

Move to Live is a class for everyone, especially those being treated for cancer and those who've gone through treatment for cancer. Each week will focus on different topics such as energy, sleep, self care, self confidence, pain relief, stress and anxiety. We'll utilize breath work, meditation, yoga postures and discussion of natural ways to promote wellness and vitality to assist in healing our bodies.


As the name suggests, this heated class is a bit non-traditional! Expect a class full of life, spice and everything nice. A philosophical yoga theme will be offered and reflected upon throughout. Warm-ups will be anything from standing joint movement to dynamic swinging of the limbs to gentle pelvic tilts, all meant to warm the spine. This class moves around the room with walking, skipping, light jogging, bear crawls, sumo lifts and hara pulls - all designed to stimulate blood flow and build pranayama. Light calisthenics are followed by an intermediate vinyasa flow. Music during this class can range from tasteful hip hop to classic rock and even some Metallica. Breath work, meditation and body awareness are never missed. Intended to feel primal with an invitation to experience something different. A celebration, indeed!

Yoga for Teens

Teens, this one is for YOU!
We know how hard it is to grow up in today's world. Please join us for this very special class where you will learn how to settle in to the present moment. Let your stress, your worries, your anxiety go. You will learn tools to cope with anxiety, become more focused, deal with change and rejuvenate your tired brain! And you'll have FUN doing it.
A free-will donation will be accepted for this class. All are welcome, boys and girls. Bring a friend! 

Peace, Love & Savasana

Join us for Peace, Love, & Savasana. A one blanket, restorative sequence. No standing as we keep it low with long holds of 3-5 minutes. This class is free for our Recurring Donors.
$10-15 suggested donation for drop-in students.


Zen: A total state of focus that incorporates togetherness of body and mind. In this class you will find yourself moving deeper into your body through breath and asana (postures). We will move with intention and strength while allowing the body to find ease and a bit of gentleness. Come experience what it's like to slow everything down, bringing peaceful union to mind and body. This class is for all levels.

Silent Meditation

A local Zen Buddhist group will be hosting meditation on Wednesday nights from 7:00-7:45pm. Basic meditation instruction will be provided for those new to meditation, followed by a 30 minute sit and a short discussion. We have props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) for you to use to create your perfect seat, or feel free to bring your own. 

Candlelight Yoga

Expect some variety here - depending on the instructor, the time of year and the energetics of the room! This will be anything from a vinyasa style flow that links breath with movement or something quite chill and mellow. Room temperature will vary (depending on the season). During warmer months, we'll moderate the room temp to keep things comfortable. During cooler months, we'll turn on our FAR radiant heat panels to warm you up from the inside out.

Relax & Renew

America is the most sleep deprived country in the world.  Lack of rest contributes to stress, weight-gain and a lot of other unpleasant issues. This is a class for any and every body looking for deep rest and freedom in your body. Come and learn how to rest without sleep!

New to the Mat

These classes are specifically designed for those who are looking to learn the basic foundational postures of any yoga practice. Expect a slow moving, informative class with a lot of conversation. Feel free to ask questions and discover that the practice of yoga is, indeed, for all willing to learn and grow. If you can breathe, you can do yoga!