Yoga at the Market

We are so excited and grateful to be in collaboration with our friends at the Black Hills Farmer's Market. Our talented and friendly Sōl instructors will be leading a yoga experience each Saturday in June, July and August at 9:00am. This will be an all-levels, all-ages, donation-based class. Feel free to stay for the entire experience, or pop in and out as your schedule and body allow! Bring your own yoga mat, a blanket or towel. If the weather is rainy, class will be cancelled.

Energizing Flow

Energizing Flow: In this class, we'll start slow, bringing awareness to physical body. Then we'll warm things up with sun salutations and balancing poses. Come challenge yourself and leave feeling energized! All levels welcome.

Props & Modifications

Props & Modifications: A basic class focused on personal attention with instruction on alignment and the principle of each pose. Students will learn the poses and how the pose works in their own body. This class is perfect for those new to the mat and those with years of practice.

Integrative Yoga

Integrative Yoga: Based in classical Hatha Yoga with a focus on the spine and moving from your center.  This class is an interplay of Yin and Yang, energizing and restoring. Our ultimate aim is to cultivate lightness of body and stillness of mind.

Core & Breath

Core & Breath: Morning is a wonderful time for purification! Begin your day with active cleansing breath work, Hatha Yoga and core strengthening.  We will include modern movement exercises to maintain joint heath and awareness.  Our ultimate aim is to cultivate lightness of body and stillness of mind.

New Moon Yoga

This class asks you to go deeper. To move your practice past asana and meditation to self growth through the shedding of old habits. Step onto your true path and work to let go of what no longer serves you.

The New Moon is a time to let go and start anew. A chance to glance within and reconnect to our deepest desires. In this monthly class we'll flow through a yoga sequence that reflects our intention for the evening, spend time in guided meditation, and look within to journal and have conversation in community.

This 90 minute class is split into 30 minutes of movement, 30 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of introspection and connection. All are welcome, no need to commit to the entire year of classes, come when the work calls to you. 

Friday Delight

Friday Delight: A rotation of teachers and class styles to send you into your weekend with a spring in your step. All levels are welcome. Come to have fun, explore and discover! 

Teacher in Training & New Teacher Classes

*Teacher in Training & New Teacher Classes: It is important to us here at Sōl to provide a platform for teachers to get out there and begin teaching. The biggest hurdle that a new teacher faces is to simply begin! Sōl Yoga Collective is unique in their support of new teachers by removing the obstacle of "auditioning" before being allowed to lead a class. True learning comes from doing. This is our aim here. We hope you will come to show your support and cheer our new teachers on. Every talented and impactful teacher was once brand new. 

Yoga for Men

Yoga for Men: A little less heart-centered, a little more chest centered, Yoga for Men focuses more on the physical and less on the ethereal. Although geared toward men, women are also welcome! Bring your sweaty self, no deodorant required, shaving optional. 

Yoga for Educators

Yoga for Educators: This class is open and available to anyone! We wanted to offer a convenient time of day for those teachers who are also parents and have a small window of time to practice between work and picking children up from daycare. The instructor is a retired educator who will support, nurture and speak to experiences that educators (and likely ALL humans) can relate to. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga: A slow and deep practice perfect for anyone seeking balance in a constantly moving, multi-tasking and fast paced world. Yin yoga is a practice of floor work, fewer poses, held for a longer duration of time to target connective tissue and facilitate deep release. It is also based on the philosophy of using compression and gentle therapeutic stretch to allow free flow movement of energy through the organs and energy meridians in our body. Using the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga asana to work with balancing and unblocking our energy meridians. Find relaxation, stress relief and a deeper connection to your authentic self.


Qigong: (chee-gung) Qi = "energy" Gong = "work". Classes will include a variety of qigong exercises that utilize movement, stretching, breathing, visualization and meditation. Through the use of these methods, students will learn to cultivate, move and develop their awareness of the energy known as qi.

Strong & Centered

Strong & Centered: A slower paced, strength based class with a focus on core strength. An exploration into the relationship between a strong center, stability in movement and openness in the body. 

Sōl Sunday

Sōl Sunday: Spend 90 minutes of your Sunday morning in reverence with and for yourself. Come to be with your body, your breath and your heart - creating the practice that best honors what you need that day. An opportunity to slow down, get present and re-connect. 

Slow Rise

Slow Rise: Ease into your day by finding your breath, feeling your heart and moving your body. This class starts out slow and gradually builds so that you leave feeling energized and ready for what's next. 

Relax & Release

Relax & Release: A time to come to your mat and let it all go. Enjoy 75 minutes of mindful movement that inspires deep relaxation and release. The setting is quiet and dark, with candles and soft music to support your experience. A great way to spend your weekend evening!

Real Evolution Yoga (REY)

Real Evolution Yoga (REY): REY is a unique yoga methodology that builds power through flexibility and strength. This practice incorporates an invigorating hatha based vinyasa flow in a warm environment designed to enhance vitality on every level. You will develop core strength, upper body strength, flexibility in the shoulders, legs and spine plus improved concentration in this class. Challenging, therapeutic and fun. A 75-90 minute class, accessible to all levels of practitioners. If the class is noted as "heated" on the schedule, expect 80-90 degrees. *bring a towel

Open Studio

Open Studio: Students will practice independently while the instructor offers guidance, modifications and support. Come to flow through your own chosen practice, whether that is a series of Sun Salutations, your own seated meditation or following what others are doing. We have printed sequence cards if you'd prefer a little self-guided direction. A great opportunity for asking questions and learning from one another. This is "come and go" style. Begin and end at your chosen time, within the scheduled time frame. All levels welcome. 

Noon Yoga

Noon Yoga: Specifically designed for those who need a break from the grind! For 40 minutes, let the stress of your workday go and simply be in the magnificent presence of your body, mind and spirit. Skip the drive-through and grab one of our wholesome bars to take back to your desk. Enjoy a productive afternoon after you've refreshed your mind and re-energized your body!

Mixed Level

Mixed Level: This class is designed to be open accessible to any level of yoga practitioner. If you are new to the mat, you will receive tips and pointers from the instructor as you learn and grow in your practice. If you are a more experienced student, you will be encouraged to advance your practice pose to pose.