Summer Solstice 108!

Join us for a fiery, yet peaceful practice of 108 rounds of Sun Salutations as we enjoy every moment of light on this longest day of the year, followed by June's full moon! 

This hasn't happened since 1948. There is magic in the air, folks. Transformation under foot. Perhaps your feet will join us tonight at 7:30 as we move our bodies and breathe. Prayer in motion. What does that mean for you? What are you intending? What are you surrendering to? What in your life is ready to be brought to light? Join us this evening and find your answers. 

Participants should have a basic understanding of sun salutations and the ability to listen deeply to their bodies. Resting in child's pose and meditation will be invited and encouraged. Though this can be a demanding practice, it is possible to really make it work for you. You do not have to be an advanced yogi to have this experience. Careful instruction and modifications will be offered throughout. 

This is about coming together as a community, in movement, in breath, in reverence and celebration of the light -- all around us and within us.