Announcing Therapeutic Far Infrared Heated Yoga!

While most yoga studios use forced air to heat their rooms, Sōl Yoga Collective uses Far Infrared heat - a therapeutic heat, that is not suffocating or oppressive like drying forced air heat.

Check out just a few of the benefits waiting for you at your next heated class:

  • Reduce stress and fatigue and promote deep, lasting relaxation
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Relax muscles and increase flexibility to promote a feeling of well-being
  • Improve immune system function
  • Heal wounds and injuries faster and more efficiently
  • Relieve pain and migraine headaches
  • Ease joint pain and stiffness and relieve arthritis symptoms
  • Deep cleanse skin naturally, stimulate collagen production to clear your skin
  • Remove deep toxins and mineral waste on a cellular level
  • Burn hundreds of calories in 60 minutes