Embody Love Movement Facilitator Training

Become an Embody Love Movement Facilitator! This 15-hour weekend training with Dr. Melody Moore in how to facilitate the curriculum that has been effective in changing hearts and minds in over 22 states and 4 countries! Since 2005, Dr. Moore has accumulated over 15,000 therapy hours specializing in Eating Disorder recovery for girls and women. She's an expert in the field and an empowering teacher. 

This weekend workshop is for any woman, including therapists, educators, and yoga instructors, who feels inspired to provide the Embody Love Movement curricula to schools, camps, community centers, yoga studios, and other nonprofit organizations. Our programs serve ages 7-11, 12-18, and adults. 

The weekend immersion will include:

♥ Participation in an Inner Beauty Shop

♥ The Being and Doing of Facilitation

♥ Projection, Transference, and Shadow Work

♥ Using Yoga as an Introduction to Body Acceptance

♥ Finding your Voice and Sharing Your Truth

♥ The Detriments of Fat Talk and the Price of Privilege

♥ Teaching Media Literacy

♥ How to Collaborate and Create Inner Beauty Shops in your Community

How do Facilitators make a difference? The training will provide you with the ability to inspire girls and women who participate in the workshops to:

♥ Value who they are internally over their external appearance

♥ Be empowered to change the conversation from criticism to kindness

♥ Become media literate so that they stop comparing themselves to a false idea of beauty

♥ Embrace their purpose in the world

This workshop is limited to 20 participants. There will be plenty of individual instruction, Q&A time, and practice sessions with feedback. As a certified facilitator, you will leave feeling empowered and prepared to take the Inner Beauty Shop™ into your community. Who better than you, and when better than now? To learn more about ELM, visit http://embodylovemovement.org/

June 17-19 at Sol Yoga Collective

Friday 6p - 9p

Sat. 10:30a - 5:30p

Sun. 9a - 4p

Program Cost: $360