"What Should I Do About My F'd Up Life?"

The question that author Colin Beavan, Zen student and Dharma teacher, asks in this article is on the minds of many. It seems that we are in constant search of the next thing to make us happy, or happier; only to realize that those are short-lived.

The answer that Beavan receives from his Zen teacher is profound and a really good reminder of what we each can do to come closer to our own humanity, to accept that we are messy creatures and that that is OK! 

I see more and more students opening to the practice of yoga as a way to be present with what is. To stop and be still and feel it all. When we can see that we're all perfectly imperfect, we begin to allow the waves of life to simply roll past us, without washing us away. The waves will come, this is a guarantee. They never stop coming. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, we can learn to surf them with ease and grace.

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You learn from suffering, and from against that background, you can recognize happiness.
— Thich Nhat Hahn