Sōl Yoga Collective gives practitioners and teachers alike a chance to come together through donation based classes.

To breathe.  To move.  To live.

We're a community of yogis and newbies, of real people with real bodies and real desires to live this life to the fullest; every moment of it.

We wanted to create a place where all could come, feel accepted, and express themselves through a mind/body connection.  We wanted a space that wasn't a stereotypical or intimidating setting.  We wanted to bring yoga to the people- to all the people.  We provide a space, time, and teachers, and leave the rest to you.

Peace. Love. Yoga.

Learn more about our classes:

All Levels Flow: This class is designed to be open and accessible to any level of yoga practitioner. If you are new to the mat, you will receive tips and pointers from the instructor as you learn and grow in your practice. If you are a more experienced student, you will be encouraged to advance your practice pose to pose. 

Dynamic Flow: [dahy-nam-ik] adjective: pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action. noun: a basic or dynamic force, especially one that motivates, affects development or stability. This class will be a dynamic exploration of yoga asana (postures) that any level of practitioner will enjoy and benefit from. Questions and discussion welcome, new-to-the-mat and experienced students alike will find something to share and and something to take away. 

Energizing Flow: In this class, we'll start slow, bringing awareness to physical body. Then we'll warm things up with sun salutations and balancing poses. Come challenge yourself and leave feeling energized! All levels welcome.

Essential Oils + Yoga: Learn about the amazing benefits of essential oils & yoga. Essential oils can enhance the uplifting experience of asanas, relax the mind, and invigorate the body. Each week will focus on a new & different oil. A brief tutorial will be covered on the benefits of the oil, which will be applied at the beginning of class and then again at the end. Enjoy the heavenly aromas of essential oils as you relax, rejuvenate, and release. The room will be heated to 80-85 degrees. *bring a towel

Functional Flexibility: Focusing on the areas of the body that carry life's stress and are overly tight, which can lead to injury and pain. The focus will be on low back rehab and core conditioning for herniated disk and lumbar pain. This class will improve how your neck, shoulders, hips, hamstrings and spinal column feel and improve range of motion in each area making life's activities less "ouchie" and potentially getting you into a deeper yoga pose. PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) complements every day activities and a yoga practice.  

Gentle & Therapeutic Yoga: This 60 minute class focuses on calming the body and treatment of stress. We start each class with a check-in to see what everyone needs to work on and build a practice around that information. We'll focus on using the breath and gentle poses to transition into a restful, relaxed state.

Heated Classes: Though we offer many heated classes, we do not reach "hot yoga" temps. We shoot for a room temperature of around 80-90 degrees. Since our room is very large with tall ceilings, there are cooler pockets for those who want a little less. If you crave more heat, place yourself under one of our therapeutic FAR infrared heaters. The benefits of practicing in a heated room (especially with this type of heat) include: pain relief, detoxification, weight loss, improved immune system, stress reduction and better sleep. *bring a towel

Heated Candlelight Flow: Join us for a vinyasa style flow that links breath with movement, and allows you to drop focus out of your mind and into your body. This well-rounded class will strengthen and stretch many areas of your body, is heated to 80-90 degrees and open to all levels. *bring a towel

Introduction to Yoga: Consider this Welcome to Your Mat 101! We'll focus on the breath and begin slowly working through poses that come together into a flow sequence. If you've ever been intimidated by yoga, this is the class for you! We practice compassion for ourselves and our fellow students in this basics class.

Kids Yoga: Children's classes follow the same pattern of warming, working and savasana but are not as quiet as adult classes because we are having FUN! Based on themes, the class is filled with wonder, exploration, laughter and spontaneous expression. Through the practice of postures and breathing, your child will learn how yoga can help them to relax, concentrate, reduce anxiety and enjoy stillness. 

LGBTQ + Community:  A class to let the members of our community who are LGBTQ know that Sōl Yoga Collective is a safe and accepting place for them to come and practice anytime. It is an all levels class, from beginners to experienced, that is open to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ or who stands in support and solidarity with their LGBTQ brothers and sisters. At Sōl we believe that love is love. Come practice together and feel the love. 

Move to Live: A class for everyone, but especially those being treated for cancer and those who've gone through treatment for cancer. Each week will focus on different topics such as energy, sleep, self care, self confidence, pain relief, stress and anxiety. We'll utilize breath work, meditation, yoga postures and discussion of natural ways to promote wellness and vitality to assist in healing our bodies.

New to the Mat: These classes are specifically designed for those who are looking to learn the basic foundational postures of any yoga practice. Expect a slow moving, informative class with a lot of conversation. Feel free to ask questions and discover that the practice of yoga is, indeed, for all willing to learn and grow. If you can breathe, you can do yoga!

Noon Yoga: Specifically designed for those who need a break from the grind! For 40 minutes, let the stress of your workday go and simply be in the magnificent presence of your body, mind and spirit. Skip the drive-through and grab one of our wholesome bars to take back to your desk. Enjoy a productive afternoon after you've refreshed your mind and re-energized your body! 

Props & Modifications: A basic class focused on personal attention with instruction on alignment and the principle of each pose. Students will learn the poses and how the pose works in their own body. This class is perfect for those new to the mat and those with years of practice. 

Real Evolution Yoga (REY): REY is a unique yoga methodology that builds power through flexibility and strength. This practice incorporates an invigorating hatha based vinyasa flow in a warm environment designed to enhance vitality on every level. You will develop core strength, upper body strength, flexibility in the shoulders, legs and spine plus improved concentration in this class. Challenging, therapeutic and fun. A 75-90 minute class, accessible to all levels of practitioners. If the class is noted as "heated" on the schedule, expect 80-90 degrees. *bring a towel  

Relax & Renew: America is the most sleep deprived country in the world.  Lack of rest contributes to stress, weight-gain and a lot of other unpleasant issues. This is a class for any and every body looking for deep rest and freedom in your body. Come and learn how to rest without sleep!

Silent Meditation: A local Zen Buddhist group will be hosting meditation on Wednesday nights from 7:00-7:45pm. Basic meditation instruction will be provided for those new to meditation, followed by a 30 minute sit and a short discussion. We have props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) for you to use to create your perfect seat, or feel free to bring your own.  

Sōl Sunday: Spend 90 minutes of your Sunday morning in reverence with and for yourself. Come to be with your body, your breath and your heart - creating the practice that best honors what you need that day. An opportunity to slow down, get present and re-connect. 

Summer Sōl Flow: What better way to start your summer days than with a morning flow that focuses on you! This is a breath based, modifiable sequence that begins with sun salutations and flows through a standard set of poses. This practice will get you centered and energized by 7:30 am, ready to fully enjoy the rest of your beautiful summer day. Imagine feeling like you have conquered the day by 8am and say goodbye to that mid-afternoon energy crash. Join us for Summer Sōl (sun) Flows and feel the difference a regular morning practice can make! *classes run June-August only.

Qigong: (chee-gung) Qi = "energy" Gong = "work". Classes will include a variety of qigong exercises that utilize movement, stretching, breathing, visualization and meditation. Through the use of these methods, students will learn to cultivate, move and develop their awareness of the energy known as qi.

Yin Yoga: A slow and deep practice perfect for anyone seeking balance in a constantly moving world. Yin yoga is a practice of floor work, fewer poses, held for a longer duration of time to target connective tissue and facilitate deep release. It is also based on the philosophy of using compression and gentle therapeutic stretch to allow free flow movement of energy through the organs and energy meridians in the body. Through a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga asana (postures), we work with balancing and unblocking those energy meridians. Find relaxation, stress relief and a deeper connection to yourself.

Yoga for Teens: Teens, this one is for YOU! We know how hard it is to grow up in today's world. Please join us for this very special class where you will learn how to settle in to the present moment. Let your stress, your worries, your anxiety go. You will learn tools to cope with anxiety, become more focused, deal with change and rejuvenate your tired brain! And you'll have FUN doing it.
A free-will donation will be accepted for this class. All are welcome, boys and girls. Bring a friend! 

Yoga-tallica: As the name suggests, this heated class is a bit non-traditional! Expect a class full of life, spice and everything nice. A philosophical yoga theme will be offered and reflected upon throughout. Warm-ups will be anything from standing joint movement to dynamic swinging of the limbs to gentle pelvic tilts, all meant to warm the spine. This class moves around the room with walking, skipping, light jogging, bear crawls, sumo lifts and hara pulls - all designed to stimulate blood flow and build pranayama. Light calisthenics are followed by an intermediate vinyasa flow. Music during this class can range from tasteful hip hop to classic rock and even some Metallica. Breath work, meditation and body awareness are never missed. Intended to feel primal with an invitation to experience something different. A celebration, indeed!

Zen: A total state of focus that incorporates togetherness of body and mind. In this class you will find yourself moving deeper into your body through breath and asana (postures). We will move with intention and strength while allowing the body to find ease and a bit of gentleness. Come experience what it's like to slow down your mind enough to really unite with the body. This class is for all levels.

*Teacher in Training & New Teacher Classes: It is important to us here at Sōl to provide a platform for teachers to get out there and begin teaching. The biggest hurdle that a new teacher faces is to simply begin! Sōl Yoga Collective is unique in their support of new teachers by removing the obstacle of "auditioning" before being allowed to lead a class. True learning comes from doing. This is our aim here. We hope you will come to show your support and cheer our new teachers on. Every talented and impactful teacher was once brand new. 



Please remember, our vision is to bring yoga to (all) the people (of any means), but our facility isn't free and we have several expenses to keep Sōl going.  Donation based yoga means giving what you can, what feels right for you.  Some days that may be less than others, and we understand that.  When possible, remember that your donation can make it possible for someone else to participate at little cost.  If you're able, pay it forward!