Love for Talya

A student at Sol recently lost her husband to a tragic accident. In an effort to provide support and love for Talya, we are organizing a silent auction fundraiser so that she may pursue her dream of enrolling in a yoga teacher training program, or use the funds in any way that will help her at this time. 

Monday, July 11  5:00-8:00pm

Murphy's Pub & Grill (backroom).

Grab a drink and/or snack from the bar and head over to place your bid on one or many of the generous donations we've received to help our friend in need. Please bring a friend or two!

If you would like to donate an item (products, goods and services are welcome), please get in touch with Karen at or call 605-220-5116. 

Watch for the Facebook event page coming soon. 


Embody Love Movement Facilitator Training

Become an Embody Love Movement Facilitator! This 15-hour weekend training with Dr. Melody Moore in how to facilitate the curriculum that has been effective in changing hearts and minds in over 22 states and 4 countries! Since 2005, Dr. Moore has accumulated over 15,000 therapy hours specializing in Eating Disorder recovery for girls and women. She's an expert in the field and an empowering teacher. 

This weekend workshop is for any woman, including therapists, educators, and yoga instructors, who feels inspired to provide the Embody Love Movement curricula to schools, camps, community centers, yoga studios, and other nonprofit organizations. Our programs serve ages 7-11, 12-18, and adults. 

The weekend immersion will include:

♥ Participation in an Inner Beauty Shop

♥ The Being and Doing of Facilitation

♥ Projection, Transference, and Shadow Work

♥ Using Yoga as an Introduction to Body Acceptance

♥ Finding your Voice and Sharing Your Truth

♥ The Detriments of Fat Talk and the Price of Privilege

♥ Teaching Media Literacy

♥ How to Collaborate and Create Inner Beauty Shops in your Community

How do Facilitators make a difference? The training will provide you with the ability to inspire girls and women who participate in the workshops to:

♥ Value who they are internally over their external appearance

♥ Be empowered to change the conversation from criticism to kindness

♥ Become media literate so that they stop comparing themselves to a false idea of beauty

♥ Embrace their purpose in the world

This workshop is limited to 20 participants. There will be plenty of individual instruction, Q&A time, and practice sessions with feedback. As a certified facilitator, you will leave feeling empowered and prepared to take the Inner Beauty Shop™ into your community. Who better than you, and when better than now? To learn more about ELM, visit

June 17-19 at Sol Yoga Collective

Friday 6p - 9p

Sat. 10:30a - 5:30p

Sun. 9a - 4p

Program Cost: $360

Yoga Teacher Training this fall at Sōl

For the third year, Real Evolution Yoga returns to the Black Hills and with it, comes a fantastic opportunity for committed practitioners and aspiring teachers alike to immerse themselves in a 200-hour yoga training program.

Stage I and II dates have been set for September 17-October 1. Each stage is 7 days and 100 hours in length.

Stage I: Getting Real

  • In 100 hours, experience and integrate the Real Evolution yoga flow; learn the principles behind its design and how to teach it effectively.
  • Expand your ability to be, empower and express yourself through developmental practices based on somatics and transformational methodologies.
  • Gain tools for continuing self evolution. Learn and incorporate the essential practices of being an empowering and inspirational yoga teacher.

Stage II: Being Real

  • In 100 hours, learn how to empower your students, not just in their physical practice, but in their evolution as human beings.
  • Further deepen your capacity to teach REY, including physical assists and cognitive focus.
  • Expand your ability to teach, contribute, inspire, empower and lead. 
  • Develop precision and power in your speaking as well as compassion and depth in your listening. 
  • Envision and embody an authentic and inspiring purpose from which to generate your teaching and your life!

Your investment for this transformative experience is $1899 and includes 200 contact hours, training materials, continued support as you work through certification and a healthy lunch daily. Lodging, breakfast and dinner are on your own. 

For further information or questions, please call 605-220-5116.  

Body Love Project

This SUNDAY!! Lets Do this TOGETHER!!

We've been trained by the media and all sorts of other sources to have an idea of what 'beautiful, fit, sexy, happy, courageous, healthy' (and on and on!) is "supposed" to look like...

Yoga has inspired so many people to know the truth of what all that and more really looks like inside and out!! I want to show Rapid City and the world what BEAUTIFUL really is. Capturing your practice through a lens is just a small step to encourage others to show their true self...Expression!!

I, for one, have always wanted to cover up my stomach because to me it wasn't what I thought beauty or sexy was, but through my yoga practice I have discovered that it is beautiful and strong and supports me every single day, so I AM going to show the world my Perfect Imperfect Stomach!!

Hope to see you at the Loft~

The Light and Love within me honors The Light and Love within YOU.   ~Alicia

For more information, see our event page on Facebook: Body Love Project 


Yoga + Art

Yoga + Art
Presented by Sol Yoga Collective

Thursday, February 4 | 5 - 6pm
Sen. Stan Adelstein & Lynda K. Clark Gallery

Consider this welcome to your mat 101, surrounded by beautiful art in RaVae Luckhart's exhibit! Instructor Ashley Kiefer will focus on the breath and begin slowly working through poses that come together into a flow sequence. If you've ever been intimidated by yoga, this is the class for you! We practice compassion for ourselves and our fellow students in this basics class. Please bring your mat (mats not provided).

Cost is $10 per student with half being donated back to the Rapid City Arts Council.

Workshop Announcement: Teaching to the Whole Self

Kevin McQuillan, co-founder of Real Evolution Yoga will facilitate "Teaching to the Whole Self" a 3-hour workshop on Sunday, October 25 from 1:00-4:00pm. 

Teaching to the Whole Self is focused on what it takes to fulfill yoga's biggest purpose; real evolution of the whole being, in a way that is skillful, empowering, inclusive and deeply inspiring. Take your skills and practices for evolving your commitments and yourself to the next level!

Come participate! All are welcome. Please share this invitation widely.


Registration is open at the button below. Alternately, you may register and pay in person at the loft. 

We expect this to fill up and we want YOU there. Take action and plan to be there! You will be so happy you did.