New Moon Yoga Series 2018

This class series asks you to go deeper. To move your practice past asana and meditation to self growth through the shedding of old habits. Step onto your true path and work to let go of what no longer serves you. Each 90 minute class is split into 30 minutes of movement, 30 minutes of meditation, 30 minutes of introspection and connection.

The New Moon is a time to let go and start anew. A chance to glance within and reconnect to our deepest desires. In this monthly class we'll flow through a gentle yoga sequence that reflects our intention for the evening, spend time in guided meditation, and look within to journal and have conversation in community. All are welcome, no need to commit to the entire year of classes. Come when the work calls to you. 

Please bring a notebook or journal to class. 

New Moon Yoga Dates for 2018:

  • 1/16

  • 2/15

  • 3/17

  • 4/15

  • 5/15

  • 6/13

  • 7/12

  • 8/11

  • 9/9

  • 10/8

  • 11/7

  • 12/7

7:00-8:30pm Free for Recurring Donors, $10-15 Suggested Donation for drop-in students.

Instagram Gratitude Challenge

Instagram Gratitude Challenge

Every day Rachel or Alicia will post an asana (pose), and share why that asana makes them feel grateful. We invite all of you to do the same...

Simply post a photo of you in the same pose, and tell us why you’re grateful for the asana (how do you feel in the pose? What does it spark inside of you?). Modifications are always welcome, and if the daily asana doesn’t speak to you on that day, choose a similar pose.

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Weekly Meditation Begins!

We are so grateful to welcome the Laughing Teabowl Sangha, a local Zen Buddhist group, who will be hosting meditation on Wednesday nights from 7:00-7:45pm.

Basic meditation instruction will be provided for those new to meditation, followed by a 30 minute sit and a short discussion. We have props (blankets, bolsters, blocks) for you to use to create your perfect seat, or feel free to bring your own. 

Two Yoga Series to Begin Sunday!

We are thrilled to be hosting Dr. Wyatt O'Day as he shares his love of yoga, combined with his experience as a Medical Doctor.

Join us for one or both of the following workshop series!

Beginners Yoga Series: Have you been curious about yoga? Ready to learn more about it? Now is the time. Learn all the modifications so that you can go to any class in a friendly welcoming environment.  

  • This is a 5 week series - each Sunday beginning October 22. 
  • 3:00-4:15pm.
  • If you are unable to make a session recordings will be available for streaming. 
  • Pre-registration and payment required.
  • $150 for all 5 classes (+tax)
  • Space is limited - reserve your spot today.
  • ALL levels welcome!

Yoga for Chronic Back Pain: Taught by a medical doctor! Learn a sequence based off the recent Boston University Study showing benefits of Yoga compared to Physical Therapy. A beautiful blend of practice and information. 

  • This is a 5 week series - each Sunday beginning October 22.
  • 4:30-5:45pm .
  • $150 for all 5 classes (+tax)
  • streamable video available for classes you are unable to attend.
  • Registration and pre-payment required.
  • Space is limited - reserve your spot today.
  • No yoga experience required!

What is FAR Infrared Therapy?

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, which penetrate the surface of the skin where they gently and elevate the body's surface temperature to 107.6F/42C and above, positively activating body systems and functions.

Far Infrared does much more than just heat you up. It surrounds your body and penetrates the skin, joints and muscles.  FIR helps to build a stronger immune system, better cardiovascular health, and speeds up the healing process for soft tissue injuries such as tears, pulls, and sprains. It enhances oxygen flow and increases circulation. In addition, Far Infrared heals scars, wounds, and cuts and rejuvenates skin texture and appearance by lessening coarseness and reducing pore size.

Think of all these anti-aging, therapeutic benefits in one FIR heated yoga class! 

Just a few of the many benefits you will receive at your next heated yoga class with us at Sōl!

Just a few of the many benefits you will receive at your next heated yoga class with us at Sōl!

14 Day Challenge - Ashtanga Inspired

How might 14 days of yoga impact you? What do you stand to gain by committing to something powerful? Would you like to be stronger in body, mind and spirit? Let your curiosity loose and join us for a 14-day Ashtanga** (ash-TAHN-gaa) inspired challenge! 

Whether you are new to the mat or a seasoned practitioner, this is an opportunity to experience the benefits of a consistent yoga practice with a group of people who are equally committed, each of us there to support one another. Grab a buddy and cheer each other on. If you don’t try, how will you ever know?

Space is limited so registration is required, either online or at the loft. $75 fee to participate or $50 if you are a recurring donor. You will be entered into a drawing to win a sweet yoga+love package that includes a yoga mat, block & towel. Valued at $100+

**Ashtanga Yoga, also called Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is a vigorous and flowing style of yoga developed in the 20th century. It involves synchronizing breath with progressive and continuous postures, which produces internal heat while detoxifying the body. It builds strength, flexibility, and stamina, while calming the mind and improving overall health.

Be witness to the very noticeable ways that things begin to shift ... in your practice, your body, your life. 
— Karen Buxcel


First half: We will practice a basic ashtanga sequence that will remain the same each day so that you are able to gauge and track your progress in each posture.

Second half: You will be introduced to more advanced postures as an option to take your practice further; but the core practice remains the same. 

At the end of each daily practice, space will be available for those who would like to stay for meditation.

Sunday will be a rest day w/ optional homework. 

If you cannot make it to the loft each day, you are encouraged to practice at home.

July 17 - July 30 :: 6:30am - 7:30am - with Sunday as our rest day.

"What Should I Do About My F'd Up Life?"

The question that author Colin Beavan, Zen student and Dharma teacher, asks in this article is on the minds of many. It seems that we are in constant search of the next thing to make us happy, or happier; only to realize that those are short-lived.

The answer that Beavan receives from his Zen teacher is profound and a really good reminder of what we each can do to come closer to our own humanity, to accept that we are messy creatures and that that is OK! 

I see more and more students opening to the practice of yoga as a way to be present with what is. To stop and be still and feel it all. When we can see that we're all perfectly imperfect, we begin to allow the waves of life to simply roll past us, without washing us away. The waves will come, this is a guarantee. They never stop coming. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, we can learn to surf them with ease and grace.

Read the full article here in the Lion's Roar

You learn from suffering, and from against that background, you can recognize happiness.
— Thich Nhat Hahn